Melport Meadows Koms and Pyrs
Komondor (KO-mon-door) / Great Pyrenees (PEER-a-neez)
We want to give special thanks to Mr. Dan Keller - from whom we acquired Cap and Beauty - for his abundant assistance, advice, and photos from their previous life!

About Melport Meadows Komondors ~
We are the Anderson family and we live on on our farm in western Wisconsin. Our Angus grass-fed beef, our small flock of sheep, our poultry, and our horses(!) are guarded by our Komondor and Great Pyrenees livestock guardians. Here in western Wisconsin we have each form of the proverbial lions, tigers, and bears so the dogs are a very necessary part of the operations here at Melport Meadows Farm.
We've raised Great Pyrenees since 1998, providing pups for livestock guardians, companions, and service dogs. We lost some very nice bloodlines as our older dogs passed away or were retired and we were subsequently without Pyr pups for quite awhile. We learned the hard way the importance of keeping back some of our young dogs and not assuming our older ones would be with us forever. A couple of years ago we began a search for a few young Pyrs that would provide the type of guardians and companions we had in our older Pyrs.
We acquired our Komondors, Captain and Beauty, in fall of 2008 when Mr. Keller found that he needed to dedicate more time to his other pursuits. He had imported Captain from Hungary as a young pup, and Beauty had come out of his "Ari's GD Snowy", a descendant of many champion Komondorok. Captain also comes from a very fine line of Hungarian show and working Koms. See the pedigree page for the details, and photos of ancestors on both sides can be found on the photo pages. We believe that our experience in raising Pyrs gives us the background to be able to raise excellent Koms as well.
About Melport Meadows Livestock Guardian Pups ~
Our pups do not live in a kennel, but they start out their lives indoors, later moving to a 1/2 acre grassy area between the house and pasture, or into the barn, depending on the weather. Here they begin to become socialized with the family and other dogs and cats. By 5 weeks they move in with young stock to begin "guarding academy", and are also well socialized with children, cats, and poultry. If you choose your pup early, we can customize this time to emphasize preparation for his life as a companion or as a livestock guardian, as you wish.
We let our pups go home when they're 8 weeks old. From 6 to 8 weeks the pups are developing their social skills as they interact with their littermates, their dam, and with other dogs. The socialization they acquire during this time will help them to respond in a proper way to the other canines they meet throughout their lives.
From 8 to 10 weeks it's best if the pup is with his new family, whether human or livestock, because that's the time that is naturally most conducive to begin bonding with those that they will spend their lives protecting and living with. He's also receptive to early training and commands at this stage. Of course, care and carefulness must be exercised. A young pup can harm very young or small stock by rough romping or chasing, and though it isn't his nature to kill, he will need training to be gentle with poultry and kittens. He can also be injured by large stock such as horses and cattle.
Your new pup will come with a collar that fits, and a bag of kibble food and a meal of his accustomed raw food to help him in his transition.  Our adults are fed a diet of raw meat and bones and our pups start out on free choice kibbles at 3 weeks and are fed a daily ration of the same raw food their parents are on beginning at 5 weeks. Raw is our recommended manner of feeding - see "The B.A.R.F. Diet"  -Biologically Appropriate Raw Food- by Dr. Ian Billinghurst (book and website). You will also receive a folder containing information on the breed in general, their training, feeding and exercise to minimize disease, and specific information on your particular pup - his history, worming and vaccination information, and so on. Information from the AKC about raising a puppy is also included. An AKC registration application and copies of his parents' pedigrees will also be in the folder, as well as a copy of the purchase agreement.  Pups come with limited AKC registration and full registration can be purchased for an additional $200 if the dog shows good potential.
We should add here that the purchase agreement will state that we will replace your dog if a serious health problem arises while your pup is still young (his first 30 months) that your vet and ours agrees could have a genetic cause. It also states that if you should need for some reason to rehome your dog that you will find a suitable home or return him to us.
Pups may be reserved from a few days after their birth until all are spoken for. You can request to be placed on our contact list and we will notify you when a litter arrives.

Cody is handsome against the snowy backdrop!

Our Laci Lady...

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